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Ninja Tower Rentals
Ninja Tower Rentals
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Bungee Trampoline rentals Atlanta
Two kids climbing up Rock Wall
Rock wall rentals Atlanta
Bungee Trampoline
24' Atlanta Rock Climbing Wall Rental
(You can rent the Rock Wall by itself)
4 Stations = 4 Climbers at once!

What would you like to know about our Rock Climbing Wall?

1.  Is your Atlanta Rock Wall Rental safe?

Our rock wall is extremely safe!  Our Rock Climbing Wall has a full hydraulic system which gently
lowers the climber down from whatever point they are on the climbing wall.  There is no way they can
fall.  Unlike some rock walls which have a person on the ground holding a rope which is tied to the
climber and that person is literally holding the climber from falling, our Rock Wall does NOT rely on
the strength of a person being able to control the climber, but on a system that is completely safe!

2.  How many people can be on the climbing wall at the same time?

Our Climbing Wall has 4 stations so 4 people can be on the rockwall at the same time.  Each side of
our rockwall is designed a little bit different which allows for levels from easy for the newbie rock
climbers, to medium for those climbers ready to step up a level (even little kids can do this side), to
hard for climbers ready for a bigger challenge, to insane! for the advanced climber.  We also have
lots of extra belts, so we can get the next person in line ready while others are climbing.  This saves a
lot of time and more people get more turns!

3. Can anyone climb on the Atlanta Rock Wall Rental?

Because our Rock Wall has different levels of difficulty, anyone can climb as long as they are
between 20 and 200 lbs.  We even have toddlers that want to try, so we help them climb up a little
either by guiding their feet or giving them a little boost.  I think they really like the ride down the most
though, because with the hydraulic system, they feel like they are floating down to the ground.  

4. Where can I set up the Atlanta Rock Climbing Wall?

The Rock Wall is on a trailer and is in the down position when it is being transported.  We pull the
Rock Wall with a truck and have to be able to drive it to the location where it is going to be set up.  
We need at least 10' clearance to drive under and keep in mind that the trailer is 28' long + the length
of the truck.  We can set the Rock Climbing Wall up on grass or concrete but we need a fairly level
surface.  Of course the Rock Wall is 24' high when it is up, so we need clearance for that as well.

5. Is your Rock Wall Company insured?

Action Packed Parties LLC is fully insured and meets all necessary certifications to be in operation.  
Action Packed Parties LLC takes all precautions and safety measures keeping your safety a priority!  
You can rent the Rock Wall by itself
4 Stations = 4 Climbers at once!


you can rent it with the
Bungee Trampoline
3 Stations = 3 Jumpers at once!

So together,
you will have 7 people
on the attraction at one time!

Our Bungee Trampoline uses actual bungee cords which
send you skyrocketing up in the air!  You can do front or
back flips in the midst of your jump too!  Our record is 5 in
a row before coming back down!  Can you beat that?  
Anyone can jump on our bungee trampoline rental as long
as they are between 20 and 200 lbs.  We try to give
everyone the ride they desire.  If they only want to jump so
high, we only raise them as high as they want to go.  We
have even had little toddlers that want to ride our bungie
trampoline, but want us to stay with them the whole time.  
So, we hold the bungee cords and bounce them up and
down a little bit and look on their faces--priceless!  

Bungee Trampoline Rentals are awesome for School and
Church festivals to corporate events!  We have rented our
bungee trampoline for elementary schools, mom's clubs,
Halloween and fall festivals with little ones to high schools
and church youth functions with teenagers, to colleges
and businesses with adults!  
Everyone and every age loves to jump!
We are located in Gwinnett County, but we either deliver our inflatables to other areas as well or you can pick up your moonwalk from our warehouse in
Gwinnett County at 707 Airport Rd. Lawrenceville, Ga 30046
SPACE NEEDED: 25’L x 18’W x 28’H
SPACE NEEDED: 35’L x 35’W x 28’H
Ninja Tower Rentals
SPACE NEEDED: 25’L x 18’W x 28’H
Ninja Tower

Are you a Ninja Warrior?
Let's see how far get!
Can you climb the Ninja Tower?
It's the best challenge yet!

Ninja Climbing Tower
also has flashing LED lights
to make it look even more cool!
Ninja Climbing Wall Rental
The Monkey Motion Carnival Ride
has 4 jumping stations!

Jump like a monkey
25 feet high!
You can even flip too!
Wanna give it a try?
Monkey Motion Jumping Ride
Monkey Motion trampoline
Monkey Motion Carnival Ride
Monkey Motion Bungee Trampoline
Monkey Motion jumper
Dora and Girl Themed Bounce House Rentals

Festival Rentals
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Ninja Tower
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Festival Rentals
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Monkey Motion Carnival Ride
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Festival Rentals
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Festival Rentals
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Rock Wall / Bungee Trampoline
(some conditions may apply)
Rock Wall
(Rock Wall Only NO Bungee Trampoline)
(some conditions may apply)
Rock Walls and Bungee Trampolines
All Prices are + tax.
Delivery means delivered and picked up the
SAME DAY (Call for delivery times and delivery areas available).
For even more savings, Do-it-Yourself! Pick up from and return your items to our warehouse in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County.
Save a lot of Bucks with Customer Pick Ups -- get lower prices and keep your rented items for the whole weekend! Friday to Monday!
(Some items not available for customer pick up, but depending on the season and availability, we may be able to do it anyway. So give us a call!)
Rock Wall Rentals
Rockwall Rentals
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